ECS Environmental Concrete Systems Inc.

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Boom Trucks

22 Ton Deck Truck
25 Ton Swing Cab
35 Ton Swing Cab

Special Rigging

Man Basket  or  Man Bucket
Material Skip Baskets 
Lifting Beams
Lift Bar or Spreader Bar
Slings, shackles, chokers
Chains, Forks, Plates

Our Covid 19 Protocol

     1. In house cleaning procedures are based on the Ontario Health Guidlines.
    2. Masks either medical or non medical are insisted for everyone's safety.
    3. The practice of social distancing a minimum of 6 ft will be adhered to.
    4. We encourage you to use the hand sanitizer at our cleaning station.
    5. Please sign in at the front desk at our Health Cleaning station.

    We wish everyone the best of health as we navigate and
    follow the changing health rulings through out the season.